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Jake Haning is an enthusiastic, and creative dance professional specializing in West Coast Swing. He started his dance journey twenty years ago, learning many dances, including Lindy Hop and Ballroom styles. He has since found his passion in competing and teaching others.

By implementing the principles of musicality, he facilitates students' natural desire for movement and expression through dance, which he believes can fulfill their desire for challenge, growth, and freedom.

His proudest accomplishments include placing 3rd in Classic at the 2018 US Open, 5th place in Classic at the 2009 US Open, winning the NASDE tour in 2010, and being given the opportunity to teach throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.


At the studio he teaches, West Coast Swing, Hustle, Carolina Shag, and Country Western dances (waltz, two step, night club two-step, triple two, polka, and east coast swing). He is also a DVIDA certified Ballroom instructor


Jake Haning

Jenn has been dancing since 1996 and teaching ballet since 2003. She has been a ballroom and swing dance instructor since 2005.  She has competed in Pro-AM routines and strictly placing top three at many national events. She is now moving into Rising Star with her dance partner, Patrick Moise.

 Always wanting to help foster a stronger community, Jenn enjoys supporting and instructing at local and regional events.  She believes in elevating everyone's dance and that you're never too old learn how to dance.


She is a GPDIA swing level 1 & 2 certified west coast swing instructor, SWANK certified, and SLDM west coast swing certified. At the studio she will be teaching swing, west coast swing and SWANK.

CEO, Instructor, Marketing

Jennifer Nye

Dana Austin: has been a ballroom and swing dance instructor in Huntsville, Al for the past 7 years, specializing in West Coast and Vintage Swing.  Her training in dance began in her freshman year of high school.  Locally, she teaches with the Rocket Westies, Huntsville Swing Dance Society, and Madison Ballroom. Additionally, performed & competed in a variety of areas across the Tri-State area.  Above all else Dana believes that dancing should be fun and a way to express yourself.

At the studio she will be teaching charleston, lindy hop and west coast swing. 


Dana Austin

Patrick fell in love with West Coast Swing over a decade ago. He has been dancing competitively since 2011 earning second place award at Grand Nationals in Atlanta. His teaching credentials include OK Coral, Gee's Place and Crossroads Music Hall. As a founding member of Rocket Westies in Huntsville, AL, Patrick is dedicated to promoting WCS in the Tennessee Valley. From host to DJ to promoter, Patrick is excited to spread the love of the dance to the Rocket City and beyond!

Instructor and DJ

Patrick Moise

Krystal loves living in Huntsville, Alabama, although she is originally from southern Ohio. She has an uncanny energy and enthusiasm for blues music and dancing, and can often be seen at events all over the southeast and the US, closing down late nights, frequently dancing until dawn. She’s been partner dancing various styles since 2007; Blues stole her heart, however, in 2010, and has never let go. She has taught all over the US, ranging from small community -focused events all the way up to national events such as Blues Geek and the Blues Experiment. She’s a fierce competitor, frequently making finals at national blues dance contests, and brings her fervor for connection into all of her dancing and instruction. Her love of the dance is contagious, and she believes in injecting fun into all of her classes.


Krystal Wilkerson

Adam is proud to call Huntsville, Alabama home, but he's originally from Mississippi. He’s been partner dancing since 2004, starting in Ballroom, Latin street dances, and Lindy Hop, but he followed Krystal into blues in 2010, and it’s been his primary focus ever since. He’s passionate about social dancing and blues music, and loves to explore all different blues styles in his instruction and setlists. He strongly believes in teaching the context and history of the music and the dance, focusing on research in his spare time. His analytical approach to connection and value for intuition in dance provides a unique classroom environment that promotes self-awareness and improvement beyond the classroom. He believes in learning through experience and experimentation, so expect a LOT of getting up and dancing in his classes. 


Adam Wilkerson

Victoria is a proud co-owner of Huntsville Ballroom with her husband, Aaron Greer.  She has been dancing ballet for 22 years. Eight years ago, she jumped at the chance to try out Ballroom dancing when a friend invited her. She hasn't looked back since.  She has now been dancing Ballroom, Swing and Latin dance for eight years and teaching it for four years.

Dancing is a great way to start, or end, a long day of work by having fun.  If you are interested in dancing competitively, as a hobby, or even for a wedding, or cruise, the learning process is always going to be exciting. Dancing will help improve balance, coordination, rhythm, memory and even help relieve stress.  It is also a great way for you to get in some fun cardio!


Victoria Anderson Greer

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